NPO Board Governance

With the Complementary Model of Board Governance, we see the roles and responsibilities of staff being very different from the roles and responsibilities of the volunteer directors. In most smaller organizations, Volunteer Directors want to get involved, they want to be part of the Association so they volunteer to serve on the Board and what […]

role of the board chair at meetings

Role Of The Board Chair At Meeting from TomTJAbbott, CSP While every board member plays an essential role in an organization’s governance, the chair holds the most significant influence. Particularly over the focus, mission and culture of the board’s activities. Therefore, boards must take great care in appointing their chairs. When discussing the chair’s role […]

It’s GREAT having awesome board members passionate about the organization. However, unfortunately, most lack the training needed to govern – does this sound familiar to you? Managing Director Tom Abbott sat down with his friend Ken Bell who has worked with many church boards, to discuss this sentiment and the challenges of nonprofit boards. In […]


Here’s an infographic on how to handle possible conflict of interest at your organization. We call it the 4Rs of Handling Conflict of Interest. A meeting can be the most effective way of unleashing the creative energy, the imagination, and the hands on ability of volunteers and staff. Or a meeting can be the most […]

different types of committees complementary board of governance

In the Complementary Mode of Board Governance, there are 3 types of committees or task forces. One is a Policy Task forces, Board Statutory Committees and CEO Working Committees. Policy Task Forces are there for one purpose and one purpose only, it’s to basically look at the feasibility of something. Explore an issue. Should we […]

Comparing 3 Nonprofit Board Governance Models – Traditional, Carver and Complementary

Nonprofit Board Governance Models Have you ever wondered, “what are the fundamental differences between the Nonprofit Board Governance Models – Traditional, Policy (Carver) and Complementary Models of Board Governance?”. Below we have broken down the differences for you in the comprehensive chart. Also Read: 6 Tips for Dealing With an Indecisive Board What is Governance? […]

At the recent CSAE Conference 2019 in Vancouver, Canada, I spoke on The Complementary Model of Board Governance and polled the room of over 20 Executive Directors on insights into their associations. Here are the results which give us a peek into 2019 Board Governance trends from a small group of associations across Canada. Share […]

Beyond Carver: The Complementary Model of Board Governance

The association community owes a great deal of gratitude to Dr. John Carver. The fundamental governance/management principle, “The board sets policy, and the staff implements policy,” has been recognized for over fifty years. Yet it is largely because of Carver’s work that the term “governance” has been added to modern association management’s lexicont and that […]

Your organization benefits greatly from the swift, conclusive decisions of your board. They create policy, clarify direction, and ultimately establish the foundation for forward movement within the organization at 619 roofing. But what happens when the board stalls in their decision-making role? How can you help your indecisive board get back on track? Also Read: […]