NPO Operations

The Role of the Chair

While every board member plays an important role in the governance of an organisation, the chair holds the greatest influence over the focus and culture of the board’s activities. Therefore, it is vital that boards take great care in appointing their chairs. When discussing the role of the chair for your organisation, there are several […]

Board Fundraising Review

There is increasing pressure on not-for-profits to ensure that fundraising practices are effective and proper. If you’re considering reviewing your fundraising practices, here are seven important tips to guide you. 1. Make Sure Your Targets are Realistic Unrealistic targets create pressure and can lead to questionable fundraising practices. It’s important that targets set by management, […]

Leadership Succession Planning for Not-for-Profits

One of the primary responsibilities of boards is choosing successors for the organization’s senior leadership. This task is especially important because changes in these positions inevitably disrupt organizational performance. So how can directors ensure that their board’s approach to succession is effective? The following is a framework that aligns with established research and best-practice processes […]

how to retain members of your association

Members are one of the keys to the success of your organization. You need your members’ support to accomplish your goals. While it’s important to recruit new members, it’s just as critical, if not more so, to retain your existing members. Here are some of the best ways to do this. Recognize Members Members are […]

How to Attract Volunteers to Your Nonprofit Organization

How to Attract Volunteers to Your Nonprofit Organization from TomTJAbbott, CSP Volunteers are a vital resource for nonprofits: they help the organization save money, meet its mission, and increase its contact with the community and new donors. In terms of public policy, they can also do things your staff can’t, such as endorse your organization […]

The Rise of Virtual Meetings for NPOs

With board members of many not-for-profit organisations (NPOs) being geographically dispersed or out of town during a meeting and the increase of readily available online meeting software, the virtual board meeting is becoming more common. In our 2014 Compensation and Operations Survey, we asked NPOs to share if they are conducting virtual meetings, and if […]

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