NPO Operations

Board Management Software – Streamline and Digitize Tasks with these Essential NPO Solutions

Running a non-profit is hard enough, why make managing your board more difficult than it needs to be? When you use board management software, you can easily eliminate many of the time-wasting management tasks which prevent board members from concentrating on providing effective leadership. Also Read: Membership Management Software Board management software assists board members […]

Consensus Decision Making for boards of not-for-profits

Reaching decisions as a non-profit board comes in a variety of formats. A majority vote is a popular choice when a decision needs to be expedited. This method, however, does not always reveal the best solution for the board or the organization and can cause frustration among members. Ranking, scoring, and multiple voting rounds are […]

Ways to Increase Association Membership

Recruiting new members and keeping existing members has been an ongoing struggle for many associations for some time now. Add to it the current situation and many associations are suffering.  If you need help keeping and recruiting members of your not-for-profit association, I hope these 7 quick tips will help. Also Read: Beyond Carver: The […]

The Role of the Chair

While every board member plays an important role in the governance of an organisation, the chair holds the greatest influence over the focus and culture of the board’s activities. Therefore, it is vital that boards take great care in appointing their chairs. When discussing the role of the chair for your organisation, there are several […]

Board Fundraising Review

There is increasing pressure on not-for-profits to ensure that fundraising practices are practical and proper. If you’re considering reviewing your fundraising practices, here are seven important tips to guide you in crafting your board fundraising review. Also read: Optimizing Digital Fundraising with Tim Kachuriak Digital Donations & Connecting With Remote Donors with Nejeed Kassam Focusing […]

How to Attract Volunteers to Your Nonprofit Organization

How to Attract Volunteers to Your Nonprofit Organization from TomTJAbbott, CSP 12.7 million Canadians (aged 15 and older) volunteered for charities in 2018 – which incredibly accounts for 41% of Canadians. Nonprofit Volunteers are a vital resource who help the organization save money, meet its mission, and increase its contact with the community and new […]

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