Complementary Model of Board Governance Package


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Get your board trained on The Complementary Model of Board Governance quickly and cost effectively with our video and book package. Enjoy additional books at only $29.00 each when ordering the package at the same time.

The Complementary Model of Board Governance

A clear, cooperative way to govern and manage your not-for-profit organization by building an effective partnership between your volunteer board and staff.

Complementary Model Book

The purpose of the book is to describe a policy-based model of governance and management that can be readily adopted within not-for-profit organizations (NPOs). It comes complete with examples and templates of documents used in NPOs following the Complementary Model of Board Governance. The book will provide much needed assistance to volunteers and staff of small, mid-sized and large NPOs who are trying to cope in an environment of contracting resources and expanding demands for services.

Complementary Model DVD

This revised version of the training DVD provides a fast paced, full description of the Complementary Model of Board Governance and covers important topics, including:

  • The ten principles of the Complementary Model
  • The ten operating features of the Model
  • The role of volunteers and staff in policy development
  • Who should be designated Chair of the organization
  • Who should be designated Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • The role of the volunteer Secretary and the volunteer Treasurer
  • How Board and CEO committees work.

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