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The Complementary Model of Board Governance

Many volunteers and staff have great difficulty accepting a policy-based approach to governing and managing their not-for-profit society. Some boards feel they will become “disconnected” from their organization because of the model’s emphasis on their role in policy development. At the same time, volunteers are increasingly demanding more meaningful roles in their not-for-profit organization (NPO) – whether the NPO is a charity, professional, trade or commercial association.

The Complementary Model allows governors to participate in the operation of their NPO without becoming “managers”. It allows volunteers to reconnect with their organization and still remain “governors”. In other words, it allows them to participate as well as govern.

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Three Governance Models-The Traditional, the Carver and the Complementary Models

What are the similarities and the differences between these three models of governance? Which of the three is best suited to your own not-for-profit organization? This seminar will allow you to answer these questions. It describes the Traditional Governance Model (TGM), the Carver Policy Governance Model (PGM) and the Complementary Governance Model (CGM). It includes information about how the models operate and the roles assigned to the governors of the organization and the senior staff person under each alternative.

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Wearing All the Hats: A Practical Guide For Managing Your Small Association

If you are the chief staff person in your two, three or four person office and you wear many hats, then this seminar is designed for you. You will hear about important ways you can help your Board plan, budget, and monitor its financial and program performance. You will learn about the advantages of contracting-out and in-sourcing; and how to effectively use the new labour pool and the new volunteer to help you meet the priorities set by your Board. And you will learn how to make better use of your limited resources by establishing partnerships, creating joint ownerships and taking full advantage of today’s office technology.

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Financial Management in Not-For-Profit Organizations

The two half-day seminars provide expanded and more comprehensive information for Chief Executive Officers, Executive Directors, Chief Financial Officers and volunteer Treasurers. The seminars cover the operational, fiduciary and legal requirements that have to be met in managing the finances of a not-for-profit organization (NPO).

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The Strategic Imperative: From Strategic Planning to Monitoring Organizational and Executive Director Performance

This seminar is about the vital importance of a strategic plan in the achievement of your organization’s goals. It reviews the important steps that should be followed in preparing for the strategic planning session. It describes the roles of the Board and the staff in the planning process. It outlines the process used at the planning session for creating the strategic plan and how the operational plans devolve from the strategic plan. Then, building on that foundation, the seminar describes how your Board can create a rational, effective and fair performance appraisal system for the organization and for the Executive Director that is directly linked to the approved strategic plan.

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Board Performance Self-Evaluation