The Strategic Imperative

The Strategic Imperative: From Strategic Planning to Monitoring Organizational and Executive Director Performance

This seminar is about the vital importance of a strategic plan in the achievement of your organization’s goals. It reviews the important steps that should be followed in preparing for the strategic planning session. It describes the roles of the Board and the staff in the planning process. It outlines the process used at the planning session for creating the strategic plan and how the operational plans devolve from the strategic plan. Then, building on that foundation, the seminar describes how your Board can create a rational, effective and fair performance appraisal system for the organization and for the Executive Director that is directly linked to the approved strategic plan.

Topics covered include:

  • The importance of having a strategic plan
  • Who is responsible for developing the strategic plan
  • What are the steps to follow in developing the strategic plan
  • Who is responsible for developing the operational plans
  • How does the financial budget fit into the process
  • How do you monitor the organization’s success and the Executive Director’s performance


Length of workshop: 4 hours
What’s included: The Strategic Imperative Workbook and a copy of “The Complementary Model of Board Governance” book.

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