Three Governance Models Seminar

Three Governance Models-The Traditional, the Carver and the Complementary Models

This seminar that covers the alternative governance models that are being used by not-for-profit organizations today. It draws upon the writings of both John Carver and Peter Drucker. Carver says that most of what a majority of boards do either does not need to be done, or is a waste of time when done by the board. Drucker writes that the roles of the Board and the Executive Director should be complementary to one another. Both the Carver Policy Governance Model and the Complementary Model are built on an association governance model that has been in existence for over seventy-five years – the Traditional Governance Model.

What are the similarities and the differences between these three models of governance? Which of the three is best suited to your own not-for-profit organization? This seminar will allow you to answer these questions. It describes the Traditional Governance Model (TGM), the Carver Policy Governance Model (PGM) and the Complementary Governance Model (CGM). It includes information about how the models operate and the roles assigned to the governors of the organization and the senior staff person under each alternative.

Topics that are covered include:

  • The fundamental principles underlying each of the models
  • The operating features of the models
  • The four different policy areas in the Policy Governance Model
  • Policy development using the PGM and the CGM
  • Policy manuals that exist with each model
  • The role of committees under the PGM
  • The three types of committees that exist under the CGM
  • The different performance monitoring options under the PGM and the CGM
  • Codes of Conduct for senior staff and volunteers
  • A performance appraisal system for volunteers
  • Who should be designated the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization.

The seminar also outlines how your organization can successfully implement the Models.

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Length of workshop: 3.5 hours
What’s included: Three Governance Models Workbook and a copy of “The Complementary Model of Board Governance” book.

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