Wearing All the Hats: A Practical Guide For Managing Your Small Association Seminar

Wearing All the Hats: A Practical Guide For Managing Your Small Association

You are the chief staff person in your two, three or four person office and you wear many hats. You are responsible for helping the Board prepare its strategic plan, develop its budget and financial reports. You co-ordinate the government relations program; communications, public relations and press releases; special events, including the AGM, the trade show, the conference and seminars; fundraising; membership recruitment; office technology, including software selection, database management and the new website.

In other words, you are it! You wear all of the hats.

If this describes your role in your office, then this seminar is designed for you. You will hear about important ways you can help your Board plan, budget, and monitor its financial and program performance. You will learn about the advantages of contracting-out and in-sourcing; and how to effectively use the new labour pool and the new volunteer to help you meet the priorities set by your Board. And you will learn how to make better use of your limited resources by establishing partnerships, creating joint ownerships and taking full advantage of today’s office technology.

This seminar will include valuable information about helping your organization succeed even with limited staff resources. You will learn about:

  • Strategic Planning: Preparation, background, outcomes
  • Budgeting and Financial Management: Better financial planning, reporting and monitoring
  • Working With Today’s Labour: Employment contracts, contracting out, part-timers and temps
  • Working With Today’s Volunteers: Finding, training and rewarding them
  • Creating Partnerships to Increase the bang for the buck: sharing staff, equipment and space
  • Getting More For Your Membership Dollars with today’s technology: Web sites, e-mail, voice mail, tele-conferencing and video-conferencing


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Length of workshop: 7 hours
What’s included: Wearing All The Hats Workbook and a copy of “The Complementary Model of Board Governance” book.

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