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Tom (TJ) Abbott, CSP is the Managing Director of AMC NPO Solutions and an authority on Governance. He has over 25 years experience as CEO, President and board director of several not-for-profit organizations. Tom has also spoken in over 20 countries.

Nonprofits usually struggle for resources, whether that’s staffing, donations or even just time. Often, this leads to disappointment about the organization’s progression, particularly for those trying to expand the reach and awareness of the cause through social media. However, don’t feel disheartened because, in this comprehensive guide to social media for nonprofits, we’ll explain how […]

One of the primary responsibilities of boards is choosing successors for the organization’s senior leadership. In other words – succession planning for nonprofit leadership. This task is crucial because changes in these positions inevitably disrupt organizational performance. So how can directors ensure that their board’s approach to succession is practical and ultimately effective? The following […]

Are you struggling to find a benchmark for your employees’ and executive directors’ compensation plans? If so, this short article examing our 2014 Compensation and Operations Report that identifies nonprofit compensation trends is for you.  How Not-For-Profit Associations Are Setting Salaries in British Columbia Based on our 2014 Compensation and Operations Report, the NPO salary setting process’s […]

Given the steady change in volunteer directors, periodic nonprofit strategic planning sessions are even more important for volunteer associations than for profit-seeking corporations. And yet, until recently, few associations have taken the time to conduct this serious planning exercise. How should they be arranged, who should be involved, and what should be covered? Read on for our […]

The challenges of nonprofit leadership require a particular skillset. For instance, imagine working in an organization where you are responsible for overall administration and performance but not setting the organization’s strategic plan and significant goals. Furthermore, imagine working in an organization where a vast majority of your workers are not paid any remuneration. Meaning that […]

Annually, Canadians give $14 billion to registered nonprofit organizations. For this reason, members are naturally one of the vital keys to success if you’re looking to sustain and grow your association. However, the problem is that many nonprofits make the mistake of prioritizing finding new members instead of ensuring their existing ones are happy. So […]