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Taking Effective Meeting Minutes
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Craft clear, actionable minutes of board meetings. Every time.

Minute Taking Made Easy:
Board Meeting Minutes Training

At AMC, we’ve spent years (35 to be exact) helping boards govern and manage their operations more effectively. Yet lately, we’ve noticed more and more organizations struggling to take effective minutes of meetings. The simple fact is a set of well-constructed minutes of one meeting lays the foundation for the next.

While it often seems tedious, minute-taking is an essential task. Not only does it serve as a written record of what was discussed, agreed upon, and decided during the meeting. But good minute-taking helps to ensure that the meeting is productive, that you record decisions accurately, and that your organization can move forward with clear direction.

Yet, despite their importance, many boards continue to create less than stellar minutes (often by recording irrelevant statements, missing important decisions, and either recording too much or too little information.) Get your board ready for action by mastering the entire process of recording accurate board meeting minutes. Never record another irrelevant statement, miss an important decision or record too much or not enough by discovering our proven process:

7 Recording Secretary Skills

Learn the skills board recording secretaries need to take accurate meeting minutes. 

Sample Minutes

Discover and review sample action minutes and templates. 

5 Recording Secretary Responsibilities

Learn what is expected of the board recording secretary at meetings. 

 Before the Meeting 

What to do before the board meeting.

During the Meeting 

What to do, say and record during the board meeting. 

After the Meeting 

What to do after the board meeting and how to summarise the action minutes document. 

"A set of well-constructed minutes of one meeting form a solid foundation for the next."
Tom Abbott
CEO AMC Governance Solutions

Meet Your Trainer

Tom Abbott

Tom is an authority on Governance and Strategic Planning and is the CEO of AMC Governance Solutions. Tom has over 25 years experience as CEO, President and board director of several corporate and not-for-profit organizations. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by 1.5% of speakers globally.


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Minute Taking Made Easy

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Learn how to record accurate, clear and helpful board meeting minutes. 

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Get everything you need to run productive board meetings in 1 course.

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Train staff and the whole board on how to record  board meeting minutes. 

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AMC has been training organizations on how to take effective meeting minutes for over 35 years.


By learning with AMC Governance Academy, you'll get an instant, flexible and effective solution to learning minute taking online.

The 'Taking Effective Meeting Minutes' course was designed for individuals who serve as the official minute-taker for board meetings, like the board secretary or an appointed minute-taker.


The course is also suited to executive assistants, administrative staff, or individuals interested in serving as board secretaries or minute-takers in the future.



All learners receive a course completion certificate in Minute Taking to demonstrate that they have completed and have acquired the knowledge necessary to craft clear, actionable minutes of board meetings.

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