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Robert's Rules of Order Online Training Course

Take control. Host Fair, Democratic & Productive Board Meetings.

Meeting Rules Made Easy
Robert's Rules of Order Online Training

Meetings can get messy, especially when there isn’t a structured framework that allows for efficient and fair decision-making in place. That’s why Robert’s Rules of Order was originally created. To have a set of rules everyone must abide by to keep meetings running in an orderly manner. But who has time to read 800 pages of “Robert’s Rules of Order” without falling asleep?

From the outside, it seems like an antiquated, complicated and formal set of meeting rules. When in fact, Robert’s Rules of Order provides a well-established, consistent, fair, and efficient system for conducting meetings, which is why it is often considered an excellent choice for large meetings in both corporate and nonprofit organizations.

AMC’s Robert’s Rules of Order Online Training is the ultimate course for learning Robert’s Rules. ‘Robert’s Rules – Meeting Rules Made Easy’ is a self-paced online course that equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to host fair, democratic, productive and effective meetings. 

Role of Chair

Learn the responsibilities of the Board Chair when it comes to meeting rules.

“Robert’s Rules” Explained

Understand the purpose and central principles in Robert’s Rules of Order. 

Motions Cheat-Sheet

All you really need to know about Robert’s Rules of Order and how to use them in an easy-to-understand cheat sheet.

Importance of Meeting Rules

Learn why having meeting rules is essential for boards to aid decision-making on important issues affecting the organization. 

Alternative Rules

Explore other rules your organization could adopt and follow compared to Robert’s Rules. 

Meet Your Trainer

Tom Abbott

Tom is an authority on Governance and Strategic Planning and is the CEO of AMC Governance Solutions. Tom has over 25 years experience as CEO, President and board director of several organizations. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by 1.5% of speakers globally.

"When faced with a situation at a meeting, ask yourself, "What is the fairest way to handle this situation?"
'Robert's Rules' will serve as an excellent guide in answering that question."
Tom Abbott
CEO AMC Governance Solutions


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Meeting Rules Made Easy ​​​

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Take control. Host Fair, Democratic & Productive Board Meetings.

Robert's Rules of Order Worksheets

AMC has been training boards on how to implement Robert's Rules of Order for over 35 years.


By learning with AMC Governance Academy, you'll get an instant, flexible and effective solution to learning Robert's Rules of Order online.

Robert's Rules Made Easy is best suited to anyone who wants to improve their understanding of meeting procedures and learn how to conduct fair, efficient, and productive board meetings.


All learners receive a course completion certificate in Robert's Rules of Order to demonstrate that they have completed and have acquired the knowledge necessary to host fair, productive and democratic meetings using principles from Robert's Rules of Order.

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