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Implement a Modern Governance Model That Sets Clear Roles for the Board and the CEO

While there is widespread acceptance of the principle, “The Board sets policy and the staff implements policy,” there remains many questions about how this relationship should be operationalized. This often leads to conflict and confusion between board members and the CEO of the organization. 

Without clear guidelines, time and relationships are wasted arguing over who is superior, the Board Chair or the CEO, when in fact, they should work together as a team.

The Complementary Model of Board Governance was created to set clear guidelines on the roles of the volunteer board and paid staff. 

This model encourages volunteer board members to provide progressive, collective leadership and direction to the organization and for the CEO to oversee the implementation of the board’s policies and managing the organization’s resources.

"The Complementary Model provides Nonprofits with a modern governance alternative when neither the Traditional Model or the Policy Board Model provide the best answer to the question: What is the most appropriate role for our Board of Directors and our Chief Executive Officer?"
Tom Abbott
Co-founder AMC Governance Solutions

Online Training For Nonprofits
That Has Everything You Need To Build An Effective Partnership Between The Volunteer Board & Staff

Join Governance Academy’s Online Board Governance Training & implement the Complementary Model of Board Governance to allow your board and CEO to work together as a team.

Key Principles of Complementary Governance

Learn the ten principles that underline the Complementary Model.

Role of the CEO, Chair & Board Directors

Gain clear insights on everyone’s individual roles and responsibilities.


How to manage the nonprofit organization, so everything runs smoothly.

Setting Ethical Standards

Implement a Conflict of Interest Policy and layout the Directors’ and CEO’s Code of Conduct

Monitoring Performance

Understand what to monitor, who should create the reports and who is responsible to review them.

Directors and Staff Manuals

Implement separate manuals for board directors and staff to set clear expectations from the start.

Who is the Complementay Model of
Board Governance for?


Organizations that have outgrown the Traditional Model of Governance (Working Board)


Nonprofits that find the Carver / Policy Model too restrictive


Associations looking for a modern governance model that allows the board to govern while still  feeling connected to the organization

Included Workbooks and Cheatsheets

Library of Printable

Join Governance Academy’s Nonprofit Online Board Governance Training and start implementing better governance at your organization faster by using our sample forms and guides.

Customized Support*

Live Q&A Session

Gather the board and key staff together for a live session with one of our Comp Model Consultants. During the live webinar you’ll get answers to your most pressing governance questions and learn how to adapt the Complementary Model of Board Governance to your organization. *Live Q&A is included in the customized training pack.

No internet? No Problem. 

Listen to Learn

When you join Governance Academy’s Nonprofit Online Board Governance Training, you also get the complete audio version of our Complementary Model of Board Governance course so you can listen and learn while you commute, without internet access and wherever you want.

Meet Your Trainer

Tom Abbott

Tom is an authority on Governance and Strategic Planning and is the Co-founder and CEO of AMC Governance Solutions. Tom has over 25 years experience as CEO, President and board director of several organizations. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by 1.5% of speakers globally.


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Go the extra mile to fine-tune your organization and swipe 2 exclusive full-length governance books and several must-read cheatsheets. 


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Stay up-to-date on industry news and trends with a selection of our past and upcoming webinars on topics covering governance and strategic planning.


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Discover exclusive interviews with nonprofit Founders, Executive Directors and Partners as they share their advice on growing and running nonprofits.

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