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Strategic planning is the first and most vital step to achieving your organization’s goals. A thoroughly developed plan helps steer the remaining actions of your organization, from daily objectives to effective performance monitoring. The strategic plan is the foundation your organization needs.

Strategic Planning sessions with AMC are guided conversations that take you through the necessary steps to develop a strategic plan for your organization. Through unique and deliberate discussions, we will help you and your team analyze and conceptualize the goals, opportunities, and priorities that will move your organization into the future.

Develop an effective strategy that you can use to improve operations and performance and grow your organization on every level.

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Disorganized, unproductive & boring planning sessions never produce the transformation you need.

Discover a better way to plan. Create a brighter future with the AMC Advantage & take your organization to the next level.

AMC’s strategic planning approach leads your board and leadership through a series of comprehensive brainstorming sessions that help inspire generative conversations, alongside supporting you to identify and prioritize critical opportunities to establish your vision for a better community.

Once we’ve gathered your organizations perspective, goals and priorities, we design and facilitate a strategic planning session focused on aligning your organization’s purpose with directives that will guide your operation over the next few years. Organizations can expect both staff and board to be involved, with participants leaving feeling re-affirmed, possessing a high-level direction and renewed commitment to your mission and vision.

As a starting point, we review the key elements of creating a strategy that identifies and targets your organization’s goals. 

Throughout the session, we focus on the key elements of strategic planning. Your board of directors will:

  • Identify and develop your organization’s mission, vision, and values
  • Connect your team to the mission and vision of your organization
  • Discover the value of your unique leadership skills
  • Determine your organization’s definition of growth and achievement 
  • Establish major goals and priorities 

After your strategic planning session, your organization will gain powerful tools for preparing and directing your session, how to include your Board and staff in the planning process, and what to do with your plan once it is has been confirmed.

Contact us today to learn how AMC’s Strategic Planning facilitators can help your organization develop, improve, and grow.

Results You Can Expect


Organizational & Team Alignment


Empowered & Motivated Leadership


A Clear, Actionable Roadmap to Success 


“[The facilitator was] a natural catalyst with a strong desire for consensus building, [they] helped us organize our discussions so we can move our organization’s mission and vision forward.”

Luciana N.
Executive Director – Canadian Association for Interventional Radiology

What Unplanned & Unproductive Planning Sessions Really Cost


Even the best strategic plans can quickly go over budget. Without a good plan in place, this is a certainty.


Due to a poorly-built plan that doesn’t optimize future reinvestments. 


If stakeholders have no faith in what you’re trying to accomplish (including how much it will cost and the benchmarks), they won’t support you.

Valuable Resources

Are wasted on underdeveloped strategies and initiatives that fail to give meaningful results.


Sometimes a whole quarter or even a year because you didn’t progress key initiatives due to lack of direction.

Synergy & Collective Passion

When teams are not motivated, they produce a low-performance level and aren’t accountable for their goals.

Strategic Planning Facilitators across Canada

AMC proudly serves the Canadian nonprofit community with nonprofit consultants across Canada in all major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton as well as small towns in all provinces. Our strategic planning facilitators range in expertise from indigenous council to charities and associations and we have facilitators that speak English and French. Tom, Lisa and Audrey are here to support and empower organizations with the knowledge, expertise, and resources necessary to elevate their approach to governance – discover their profiles below:


Co-Founder & CEO

Tom (TJ) Abbott, CSP™, is the co-founder and CEO of AMC Governance Solutions and an authority on Governance. He has over 25 years of experience as CEO, President and board director of several not-for-profit organizations. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional™, a designation held by 1.5% of speakers globally.


Strategic Planning Facilitator

Lisa has extensive experience as an independent consultant and board member. Most recently, as a consulting manager at Vantage Point, she worked with board directors in governance, leadership, people engagement and strategic planning. Lisa is also a certified leadership coach and current board member for International Coaching Federation, Vancouver Chapter.


Strategic Planning Facilitator

Audrey is an authority on governance and strategic planning with over 18 years of experience as a Board Director of several nonprofits. Audrey has worked with many organizations as a consultant helping to assess board effectiveness, develop better governance structures and build high-performing boards. She led the Canadian Board Diversity Council and forged its signature Get on Board governance education program.

Discover a better way to plan for a brighter future.

Hire AMC’s strategic planning facilitators to unleash the full potential of your team in the format that benefits you most. Discover several types of strategic planning sessions AMC can provide:

Strategic Planning Sessions

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Virtual Planning Sessions

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Annual Planning Sessions

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Quarterly Planning Sessions

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Custom Planning Sessions

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Annual Planning Sessions

Set the course for success. Develop an actionable annual plan with a skilled AMC Strategic Planning Facilitator.

If your organization loses focus only a few months into the year, your annual plan might be unrealistic. Set the course for success. Engage AMC to facilitate your annual planning session and give participants a concrete statement on what the organization needs to achieve and how and when.

Achieve the mission with an innovative annual plan. AMC will help you:

  • Review last year to identify any successful patterns and lessons you can learn
  • Facilitate extensive brainstorming to reaffirm the vision and mission of the organization
  • Establish strategic goals that are consistent with the vision and mission
  • Identify major objectives that support the strategic goals
  • Identify who is responsible for the completion of those strategic goals and objectives
  • Establish timelines for the accomplishment of the strategic goals and objectives
  • Establish a monitoring system for overseeing the work on the strategic goals
  • Develop a final 2-page document which captures the essence of the 7 elements of the strategic plan
  • Create an inspiring theme to keep your team motivated and focused

Quarterly Planning Sessions

Propel your mission. Review short-term goals and stay on track with quarterly strategic planning sessions.

Fine-tune your performance. Hone in on quarterly goals and targets to stay on track with your annual goals. Have AMC’s expert facilitators review your quarterly strategic plan and support you in making adjustments. That way, your team will never wander from your long-term plans and will always be highly accountable. Contact us today to conduct a quarterly strategic planning session to drive your strategy forward.

Custom Planning Sessions

Resolve significant issues. Get expert support with customized strategic planning sessions.

Let AMC’s skilled strategic planning facilitators help you navigate complex issues and build the transformative plan you need for success. Whether you have a specific goal, troublesome problem or a new exciting opportunity you need assistance navigating, AMC’s customized strategic planning sessions will help. 

In-Person Strategic Planning Sessions

Our experienced trainers are available for engaging in-person strategic planning training for organizations across Canada in all major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton as well as small towns in all provinces. 

Live Virtual Startegic Planning Sessions

Save time and costs by choosing virtual training. We’ve delivered many strategic planning sessions using video conferencing software with a very positive response. Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to go over the different options available when looking to implement  strategic planning training virtually for your organisation.

Virtual strategic planning session



Achieve your mission

Take your strategic plan to the next level with our expert facilitation.

Choose the right type of strategic planning session for your needs:



½ day


Vision and Mission


  • Facilitated brainstorming to re-affirm the vision and mission of the organization.
  • A final 1/2 page document which captures the essence of the 2 elements of the strategic plan.



1 day


Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


  • Facilitated brainstorming to re-affirm the vision and mission of the organization, establish strategic goals that are consistent with the vision and mission, and identify major objectives that support the strategic goals. 
  • A final one-page document which captures the essence of the 4 elements of the strategic plan.



2 days


Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, Responsibility, Timelines and Monitoring


  • Facilitated brainstorming to re-affirm the vision and mission of the organization, establish strategic goals that are consistent with the vision and mission, identify major objectives that support the strategic goals, identify who is responsible for the completion of those strategic goals and objectives, establish timelines for the accomplishment of the strategic goals and objectives, and establish a monitoring system for overseeing the work on the strategic goals.
  • A final 2-page document which captures the essence of the 7 elements of the strategic plan.

Strategic Planning FAQs

Many organizations recognize the need to find a suitably skilled strategic planning facilitator. They will engage the services of an experienced external facilitator to coordinate the process and mediate the planning session. 

While you may have an internal alternative nominated employee, you need someone who is non-biased and holds an independent perspective, especially where confidential subject matter and challenging questions are of concern. 

More so, your strategic planning sessions should be a chance to stimulate creative thinking and provide strong outputs. Something that your attendees can’t do as they need to participate in the session fully. 

As the AMC Governance Solutions strategic planning facilitator takes on the coordinating role, this frees all of your participants (including the board chair and the CEO) to actively participate in the discussions. 

As well as benefiting the entire process by bringing an independent viewpoint to discussions while recommending similar group experiences and solutions that have been successful in other organizations.

AMC’s strategic planning facilitators serve as your organization’s neutral agent to positively guide and manage your strategic planning sessions in a way that ensures your collective objectives are met and sessions stay on track. Alongside encouraging clear thinking, motivating good participation and ensuring full buy-in from every member involved in the process.

During a sample 1-day Strategic Planning Session we start by welcoming your organization to work with AMC Governance Solutions with icebreakers and friendly energizer sessions. Once complete, we will discuss your organization’s mission and vision statement. Then explore the guiding principles of strategic planning, who needs to be involved, and any feedback or questions you may have for our facilitators.

During AMC’s customisable strategic planning sessions, we use these tools to help you level up your plan:

  • Project Management Tools
  • Strategic Planning Models (Logic Model, SWOT analysis, RACI Model, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Balanced Scorecards, PESTLE analysis)
  • OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)
  • SMART Goals
  • Vision Boards
  • Scenario Planning


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