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Introducing The Strategic Nonprofit podcast where we discuss all things related to Not-For-Profit Organizations. In our monthly episodes, we cover everything from board governance, strategic planning, recruitment and retention of staff and volunteers, increasing membership, fundraising, advocacy issues, conflict of interest guidelines, board-staff relations, how to take effective minutes, how to run productive meetings, board appraisals, staff appraisals and software to help run your NPO.

You’ll be hearing success stories from Executive Directors, Chief Staff Officers and Board Members from Organizations across North America. Hosted by Tom Abbott and Trista McIver from AMC NPO Solutions, a leading governance and strategic planning provider to NPOs across Canada since 1987.

Join us as a guest on The Strategic Nonprofit Podcast here.

Good Financial Management Practices for Conquering 2021 with Thomas Kriens

In this episode of the Strategic Nonprofit podcast, Trista McIver sits down with Thomas Kriens to discuss nonprofit financial management best practices to help them thrive in 2021 and beyond. Healthy organizations apply good financial management practices that ensure stability, flexibility and safety so that they can continue to positively impact the communities and individuals […]

Nonprofit Organization Adapting To The New Normal

In this episode of The Strategic Nonprofit, listen in on a conversation Tom Abbott, Managing Director had with Charlotte Kemp about how nonprofits can adapt during these turbulent times. And while we’re speaking about adapting during these times, we’re running a series of free webinars to help nonprofits out during these times. We’re covering everything […]

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