The Complementary Model of Board Governance

Non profit governance using the Complementary Model of Board Governance is a commonly implemented governance model across Canada. 


Many volunteers and staff have great difficulty accepting a policy-based approach to governing and managing their not-for-profit association. Some boards feel they will become “disconnected” from their organization because of the model’s emphasis on their role in policy development. At the same time, volunteers are increasingly demanding more meaningful roles in their not-for-profit organization (NPO) – whether the NPO is a charity, professional, trade or commercial association.

“What do these (volunteers) themselves demand? What makes them stay – and, of course, they can leave at any time. The first and most important demand is that the nonprofit have a clear mission, one that drives the organization. The second thing that this new breed requires, indeed demands, is training, training and more training.”

Adapted from Managing For the Future

Non Profit Governance with AMC

An efficient board starts with the implementation of an effective governance model. AMC’s governance training helps non-profit boards navigate governance and management to stay focused on their organization’s mission. It includes valuable tools and clear guidance to address the governance challenges facing many not-for-profit organizations.

During our non-profit board governance training, we cover:
  • The contemporary role of volunteers and staff in policy development
  • The contemporary role of volunteers and staff in managing the association
  • Who should speak on behalf of the organization
  • The role of the volunteer Treasurer, the Secretary and the Executive Committee
  • What financial information should the governors receive
  • The difference between Policy Task Forces, Standing Committees and Working
  • Who directs the committees in the organization
  • Who directs the staff in the organization
  • Volunteer Codes of Conduct, Conflict of Interest Guidelines, Board and Director Appraisals Committees


virtual training set up

Virtual Governance Training

Have us deliver our popular governance training for your board virtually. Whether there are travel restrictions or limits on gatherings, you can save time and costs by taking our virtual training. We’ve delivered many governance training sessions using video conferencing software over the past year with a very positive response. Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to go over the different options available when looking to get your nonprofit board governance training done virtually.



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