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Non profit governance training using the Complementary Model of Board Governance. Find out why nonprofits across Canada choose to implement this model. 


Many volunteers and staff have great difficulty accepting a policy-based approach to governing and managing their not-for-profit association. Some boards feel they will become “disconnected” from their organization because of the model’s emphasis on their role in policy development. At the same time, volunteers are increasingly demanding more meaningful roles in their not-for-profit organization (NPO) – whether the NPO is a charity, professional, trade or commercial association.

“The board establishes governance policies and monitors the organization’s performance. The Chief Executive Officer implements the governance policies, manages organization’s resources and also monitors the organization’s performance.”

The Complementary Model of Board Governance explained in 33 words

Non Profit Governance with AMC

An efficient board starts with the implementation of an effective governance model. AMC’s governance training helps non-profit boards navigate governance and management to stay focused on their organization’s mission and visions. It includes valuable tools and clear guidance to address the governance challenges facing many not-for-profit organizations.

During our non-profit board governance training, we cover:
  • The contemporary role of volunteers and staff in policy development
  • The contemporary role of volunteers and staff in managing the association
  • Who should speak on behalf of the organization
  • The role of the volunteer Treasurer, the Secretary and the Executive Committee
  • What financial information should the governors receive
  • The difference between Policy Task Forces, Standing and Working Committees
  • Who directs the committees in the organization
  • Who directs the staff in the organization
  • Codes of Conduct for volunteers, board directors and staff
  • Conflict of Interest Guidelines
  • Board and Director Appraisals

Consultants across Canada

AMC proudly serves the Canadian nonprofit community with nonprofit consultants across Canada in all major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton as well as small towns in all provinces. Our nonprofit consultants range in expertise from indigenous groups to charities and associations and we have facilitators that speak English and French. Tom, Audrey and Barbara, are here to support and empower nonprofits with the knowledge, expertise, and resources necessary to elevate their approach to governance – discover their profiles below:


Co-Founder & CEO

West Coast


Senior Governance Consultant

Prairie Provinces


Senior Governance Consultant

Central Canada

Tom Abbott, CSP™, is the co-founder and CEO of AMC NPO Solutions and an authority on Governance.

 He has over 25 years of experience as CEO, President and board director of several not-for-profit organizations. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional™, a designation held by 1.5% of speakers globally.

An experienced governance trainer and strategic planning facilitator, Barbara brings over 10 years of experience as an Executive Director for multiple nonprofits. She’s also a Level 3 Certified Coach and Certified Learning Facilitator eager to help organizations effectively adopt the Complementary Model of Board Governance and get clear on their strategic goals.

Audrey is an authority on governance and strategic planning with over 18 years of experience as a Board Director of several nonprofits. Audrey has worked with many organizations as a consultant helping to assess board effectiveness, develop better governance structures and build high-performing boards. She led the Canadian Board Diversity Council and forged its signature Get on Board governance education program.


virtual training set up

In-person or Virtual Governance Training

Whether you’re looking for governance training delivered live in-person, or live virtually, AMC can help. Whether there are travel restrictions or limits on gatherings, you can save time and costs by choosing virtual training. We’ve delivered many governance training sessions using video conferencing software over the past year with a very positive response. Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to go over the different options available when looking to implement nonprofit board governance training for your organisation.




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