Newfoundland and Labrador
Not for Profit Associations

This list of associations is meant to be a helpful directory and is not an exhaustive list of all associations across the province. AMC does not guarantee that the association listed is still in operation or a registered nonprofit. For this type of information, please check with government agencies.

  • Advocacy Assn
  • Arthritis Society-NFLD Division (The)
  • Assn of Registered Nurses of NFLD
  • Autism Society of NFLD & Labrador
  • Badminton of NFLD & Labrador Inc.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of NFLD & Labrador
  • Cdn 4-H Council-NFLD
  • Cdn Amateur Diving Assn Inc.-NFLD Diving Section
  • Cdn Assn for Disabled Skiing-NFLD Division
  • Cdn Bar Assn -NFLD Branch
  • Cdn Cancer Society-NFLD & Labrador Division
  • Cdn Diabetes Assn-NFLD & Labrador Division
  • Cdn of Chefs & Cooks-St John’s Branch
  • Cdn Liver Foundation-St. John’s Chapter
  • Cdn Mental Health Assn-NFLD Division
  • Cdn National Institute for the Blind-NFLD & Labrador Division (The)
  • Cdn Offshore Vessel Operators Assn
  • Cdn Paraplegic Assn-NFLD & Labrador Division
  • Cdn Psoriasis Foundation-NFLD & Labrador Chapter
  • Candlelighters Assn of NFLD & Labrador (The)
  • Child Find NFLD/Labrador
  • Children’s Wish Foundation of Can.-NFLD Chapter
  • Chinese Assn of NFLD & Labrador
  • Consumer Organization of Disabled People-NFLD & Labrador
  • Embroiderers’ Assn of Can. Inc.-St. John’s Guild of Embroiderers
  • Epilepsy NFLD & Labrador
  • Girl Guides of Can.-NFLD & Labrador Council
  • Heart & Stroke Foundation of NFLD & Labrador
  • Jobransa Foundation For Children (The)
  • John Howard Society of NFLD (The)
  • Johnson Family Foundation (The)
  • Just Energy Foundation
  • Kidney Foundation of Can.-NFLD & Labrador Branch
  • Learning Disabilities Assn of NFLD
  • Muscular Dystrophy Assn of Can.- St. John’s District Office
  • National CGIT Assn-NFLD Committee
  • NFLD Alzheimer Assn
  • NFLD Amateur Baseball Assn
  • NFLD Amateur Football Assn
  • NFLD Amateur Wrestling Assn
  • NFLD Assn for Community Living
  • NFLD Cancer Treatment & Research Foundation
  • NFLD Canoe Assn
  • NFLD Cerebral Palsy Assn Inc.
  • NFLD Deaf Sports Assn
  • NFLD & Labrador AIDS Committee
  • NFLD & Labrador Assn of Homes for Special Care
  • NFLD & Labrador Assn for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus
  • NFLD & Labrador Basketball Assn
  • NFLD & Labrador Blind Sports Assn
  • NFLD & Labrador Chess Assn
  • NFLD & labrador Crafts Development Assn
  • NFLD & Labrador Curling Assn
  • NFLD/Labrador Golf Assn
  • NFLD & Labrador Gymnastics Assn
  • NFLD & Labrador Judo Assn
  • NFLD & Labrador Special Olympics
  • NFLD & Labrador Team handball Federation
  • NFLD & Labrador Tennis Assn
  • NFLD & Labrador Volleyball Assn
  • NFLD & Labrador Wildlife Federation
  • NFLD Lung Assn
  • NFLD Provincial Rifle Assn
  • NFLD Racquetball Assn
  • NFLD Rowing Assn
  • NFLD Soccer Assn
  • NFLD Water Polo Assn
  • Parkinson Foundation of Can-NFLD/Labrador Chapter
  • Rowing NFLD
  • St. John’s Native Friendship Centre
  • St. John’s Philatelic Society
  • St. John’s Therapeutic Riding Assn
  • Softball NFLD
  • Sport NFLD & Labrador
  • Squash NFLD
  • Swimming NFLD
  • Waterford Foundation
  • Wheelchair Sports Assn of NFLD & Labrador

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