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Online Governance Courses You Can Trust

The Complementary Model
of Board Governance

Complementary Model of Governance Course-01

Start implementing better governance that allows your board and CEO to work together as a team.

Running Productive

Runnig Productive Meeting Course-01

Learn the proper structure, roles and requirements for running effective board meetings. 

Robert's Rules
Of Order

RROO Course

Equip your board with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to host fair, democratic and productive meetings.

Taking Effective

Minutes Course

Get your board ready for action by mastering the entire process of recording accurate board meeting minutes.

Online Governance Courses You Can Trust

Finding the time to do anything, let alone focusing on upskilling online, is difficult and overwhelming for any professional.

Whether you’re new to the role or have been working in the space for years -you’re likely busy, short on time and constantly prioritizing your focus to get the things that matter done.

AMC Governance Academy solves this problem. As an innovative and credible source of online governance courses, it provides board members, professionals and volunteers with the skills and knowledge necessary to take their organizations to the next level.

Using Governance Academy, participants will learn how they want and when they want. Reducing time spent learning new concepts and more time using what they learnt.

Better yet, it has done the work for you. 

With an exclusive range of expert-led training videos, customized support, assessments, worksheets, exclusive interviews with Founders, Executive Directors and Partners and other valuable tools and resources, you’ll never be short of a learning opportunity.

Why Upskill with AMC Governance Academy?

Gleaned from over 35 years of providing governance training, by-law reviews and strategic planning services to organizations across Canada and the US, AMC Governance Academy is an instant, flexible and effective solution to learning how to run an effective organization.

Learn wherever and whenever suits you best.

Want to start learning new skills tonight in your pijamas? Or prefer to learn during your morning commute? The choice is yours.

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