Virtual Governance Training Set Up

We’ve been delivering a lot of virtual governance training and virtually facilitating strategic planning sessions lately. Come have a behind the scenes look at Tom Abbott’s virtual studio set up to see how we give our customers the best virtual experience.

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You’ll see right in front of me is my screen, a huge screen so I can see everything on here and I’ve got a really great camera. This is a Sony mirrorless camera, it’s 4k Full HD camera so the resolution is perfect. You need a great camera but we’ve also got great lighting. That way I’m very well lit, nicely illuminated throughout the course of our sessions. We’ve got great lighting here. We’ve got big monitor, we’ve got a wonderful camera in addition to this camera, I’ve also got a side camera but first let me show you what this thing is here. This is a switcher and this switcher allows me to switch from different cameras alright. So here’s the main camera here in front. Hello. And then if I want to change the view, just to kind of give our participants a different angle push of a button, we’re right here looking at this side camera here so it’s really nice to get a different point of view. I can easily shift from camera to back to camera one the main camera now.

Of course, I’m always going to have slide so whether I’m doing governance training or facilitating a strategic planning session virtually. I’ll always have some slides like this so I can easily now ship to the slides that I have on this computer over here and just with the click of a mouse. It’s very easy for me then to shift back and forth with my slides. Something that I find really fun is while I’m presenting, I can have the slides on screen and then I can just throw in a little picture on picture so that way they can see me all the time so I can either go picture-in-picture, I can switch sides so depending on the type of slide that I have I might want to shift it down to a different spot here on the slide.

And last but not least one of the most important things that you need when presenting governance training virtually, two things really, one is lightning fast internet, so my internet connection is about 950 Mbps. It’s about as fast as you can get. It’s fast so you don’t have to worry about it cutting out or intermittent connection or lagging and slow speed especially when you’re sharing the video so I’ve got a lightning-fast connection and of course really great sound. They might forgive you if they can’t see you very well but if your participants can’t hear you, the virtual session is a no-go. Anyhow, I hope you found this tour of my virtual training set up useful and I look forward to delivering virtual governance training for your association too..

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