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How to Attract Volunteers to Your Nonprofit Organization

How to Attract Volunteers to Your Nonprofit Organization from TomTJAbbott, CSP Volunteers are a vital resource for nonprofits: they help the organization save money, meet its mission, and increase its contact with the community and new donors. In terms of public policy, they can also do things your staff can’t, such as endorse your organization […]

The Rise of Virtual Meetings for NPOs

With board members of many not-for-profit organisations (NPOs) being geographically dispersed or out of town during a meeting and the increase of readily available online meeting software, the virtual board meeting is becoming more common. In our 2014 Compensation and Operations Survey, we asked NPOs to share if they are conducting virtual meetings, and if […]

Monitoring Performance of the Board

Monitoring the performance of the board and the CEO is an important role of the board of directors, and more NPOs are assigning a higher priority to this role than in past years. AMC surveys of NPOs have shown fairly consistent growth in the use of written appraisals of board members (from 11% in 2005 […]

3 Types of Organizational Committees

How are you leveraging membership to assist in governance and management of your not-for-profit organization (NPO)? This is an important question we asked a NPO during a recent refresher session on the Complementary Model of Board Governance. Their answer. “We don’t have committees”. After digging deeper, we discovered that they have informal “working groups” doing […]

Overtime in the Not-for-Profit Sector

Looking through our 2014 Compensation and Operations Report, it appears that like their counterparts in the private sector, overtime by executives in the not-for-profit sector is the norm.   Fully 89% (79% in 2013) of the CEOs worked overtime in an amount varying from 1 to 25 hours per week. The average number of hours of […]

Unique Challenges In Recruiting The Not-for-Profit CEO_article_thumbnail-01Unique Challenges In Recruiting The Not-for-Profit CEO_article_thumbnail

It is estimated that there are over 300,000 not-for-profit organizations* operating in Canada. This number includes: charitable organizations, such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Community Living organizations; trade associations, such as the Roofing Contractors Association; professional groups such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants; professional regulatory groups such as the College of Teachers; […]

The Importance of Strategic Planning for NPOs_article_thumbnail

One of the most significant differences between for-profit and not-for-profit organizations is in how they gauge organizational achievement. In for-profit organizations, success is often measured by the organization’s stakeholders simply by looking at the “profit” generated by the organization. For publicly-traded companies, success is frequently tied to the share price of the organization’s stock. It […]