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role of the board chair at meetings

Role Of The Board Chair At Meeting from TomTJAbbott, CSP While every board member plays an essential role in an organization’s governance, the chair holds the most significant influence. Particularly over the focus, mission and culture of the board’s activities. Therefore, boards must take great care in appointing their chairs. When discussing the chair’s role […]

It’s GREAT having awesome board members passionate about the organization. However, unfortunately, most lack the training needed to govern – does this sound familiar to you? Managing Director Tom Abbott sat down with his friend Ken Bell who has worked with many church boards, to discuss this sentiment and the challenges of nonprofit boards. In […]

Board Management Software – Streamline and Digitize Tasks with these Essential NPO Solutions

Running a non-profit is hard enough, why make managing your board more difficult than it needs to be? When you use board management software, you can easily eliminate many of the time-wasting management tasks which prevent board members from concentrating on providing effective leadership. Also Read: Membership Management Software Board management software assists board members […]

On May 4, 2020, the current Lobbyists Registration Act will be changing to the Lobbyists Transparency Act (LTA). Under the new legislation, not-for-profit organizations whose primary purpose is to represent the interests of their members will now have to register any and all lobbying related to their members’ interests. In addition, the elimination of the threshold for lobbying […]

Introducing The Strategic Nonprofit Podcast -The Strategic Nonprofit podcast

Introducing The Strategic Nonprofit Podcast We want to proudly introduce you to The Strategic Nonprofit podcast, where we discuss all things related to Not-For-Profit Organizations. Join us for our monthly episodes, where expert guests join our hosts Tom Abbott and Trista McIver, to discuss all things NPO. Covering topics such as Board Governance, Strategic Planning, Recruitment & […]

Consensus Decision Making for boards of not-for-profits

Reaching decisions as a non-profit board comes in a variety of formats. A majority vote is a popular choice when a decision needs to be expedited. This method, however, does not always reveal the best solution for the board or the organization and can cause frustration among members. Ranking, scoring, and multiple voting rounds are […]

Ways to Increase Association Membership

Recruiting new members and keeping existing members has been an ongoing struggle for many associations for some time now. Add to it the current situation and many associations are suffering.  If you need help keeping and recruiting members of your not-for-profit association, I hope these 7 quick tips will help. Also Read: Beyond Carver: The […]