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Are you struggling to find a benchmark for your employees’ and executive directors’ compensation plans? If so, this short article examing our 2014 Compensation and Operations Report that identifies nonprofit compensation trends is for you.  How Not-For-Profit Associations Are Setting Salaries in British Columbia Based on our 2014 Compensation and Operations Report, the NPO salary setting process’s […]

The challenges of nonprofit leadership require a particular skillset. For instance, imagine working in an organization where you are responsible for overall administration and performance but not setting the organization’s strategic plan and significant goals. Furthermore, imagine working in an organization where a vast majority of your workers are not paid any remuneration. Meaning that […]

One of the most significant differences between for-profit and not-for-profit organizations is in how they gauge organizational achievement. In for-profit organizations, success is often measured by the organization’s stakeholders simply by looking at the “profit” generated by the organization. For publicly-traded companies, success is frequently tied to the share price of the organization’s stock. It […]

Nonprofit Organizations need to optimize their website accessibility to better connect with their community, but more critically, it’s now a legal requirement for many companies and organizations depending on the size of the nonprofit, location and if the website is new or being significantly updated. However, we understand that if you’re new to understanding website […]

In this episode of the Strategic Nonprofit podcast, Trista McIver sits down with Thomas Kriens to discuss nonprofit financial management best practices to help them thrive in 2021 and beyond. Healthy organizations apply good financial management practices that ensure stability, flexibility and safety so that they can continue to positively impact the communities and individuals […]