10 Top Nonprofit Podcasts To Keep On Your Radar (2022)

Whether you’re a nonprofit professional or just interested in hearing stories from the space, nonprofit podcasts are the best way to discover new trends, knowledge, skills and inspiring stories from cutting-edge organizations and expert individuals. So read on below to find the top 10 nonprofit podcasts you should keep on your radar this year and beyond. Enjoy!

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Why should nonprofit professionals listen to nonprofit podcasts?

We, humans, love storytelling. So much so that research even shows we’re more receptive to storytelling than almost any other type of communication. Stanford University found that when we articulate information as a part of a narrative, people remember “up to 22 times more than facts alone.” What’s more, our brains not only crave stories. But to remember them and pass on meaningful ones to others, spreading their reach well beyond the listener.

Therefore, Nonprofit Podcasts are a natural modern progression of this process. More so, listening to audio content allows us to engage with the information in a very different way. Ideally, we can use them for “on the go listening”, a flexible, remote and dynamic way to discover those people or nonprofit organizations that also care deeply about solving the problems they see in the world.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons professionals consider listening to top nonprofit podcasts. Not only are they portable, but they’re also easy to subscribe to, and importantly, they’re free.

Regardless of whether you’re a nonprofit leader, board member, employee or volunteer, you’ll be sure to find diverse, informative and inspiring podcasts below. So, who knows, maybe you’ll even learn a few new skills!

How nonprofits can use podcasts?

Nonprofit organizations looking to reach like-minded people can create a nonprofit podcast to share their organization’s stories. As a result, you can reach new audiences and get information about what you do and how you do it directly to those who want to help. As well as being an overall networking opportunity, it’s a learning opportunity for everyone involved in the production.

10 Top Nonprofit Podcasts

Below are 10 top nonprofit podcasts every nonprofit professional should keep on their radar this year:

1. The Strategic Board

AMC Governance Solutions are proud to present The Strategic Board podcast. A resource on every vital nonprofit topic easily explained to help you grow your organization.

Join us for our monthly episodes hosted by Tom Abbott and Trista McIver alongside relevant industry experts and hear success stories from Executive Directors, Chief Staff Officers and Board Members from Organizations across North America.

Overall, episode topics vary from board governance, strategic planning, recruitment, membership/ staff retention, fundraising, advocacy issues, conflict of interest guidelines,board-staff relations, how to take effective minutes, run productive meetings, board appraisals, staff appraisals and even software recommendations. So, regardless of your needs, you’ll easily find what you need.

Hot topics include:

Explore every episode of The Strategic Board podcast here.

Where: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Audible

2. Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

Hosted by Rob Harter, the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast comes out twice a month. Overall, it primarily focuses on delivering a socially conscious lens when approaching nonprofit issues. He does this by analysing current trends, strategies and stories from current nonprofit leaders.

Where: SpotifyApple PodcastsAmazon AudibleGoogle Podcasts.

3. Successful Nonprofits Podcast

Hosted by Dolph Goldenburg, The Successful Nonprofits focuses on exploring topics like managing your nonprofit’s risk, leveraging social media, content marketing and more. Overall, it’s one of the most extensive nonprofit podcasts with 232 episodes, they release one each week with top nonprofit leaders.

Where: Apple PodcastsSpotifyAndroid

4. Nonprofit Lowdown

Hosted by Rhea Wong, this top-rated nonprofit podcast releases weekly episodes on fundraising techniques and strategies for running nonprofits. Rhea hosts a series of nonprofit leaders and experts who cover various nonprofit sectors and give tips on how to stay calm under the pressure of leadership.

Where: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

5. The Growing Your Team Podcast

The Growing, Your Team Podcast, hosted by Jamie Van Cuyk, is for perfect small business owners and organizations looking to grow by hiring new members. Learn new tips, tricks and techniques for knowing when to hire, how to hire and how to maximise your overall productivity by developing a positive work culture.

Discover Jamie’s episode with us on the Strategic Nonprofit: How To Handle Hiring And Delegation At A Nonprofit

Where: Website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify

6. The Official Do Good Better Podcast

Think your nonprofit organization is doing well but wants to reach the next level? Then check out this top-rated podcast by Patrick Kirby, a fundraising expert, event creator, author and speaker who aims to help organizations do better. Discover plenty of stories about nonprofits and how they learnt to solve their problems.

Where: Apple Podcasts

7. Impact Boom

Impact Boom is a weekly nonprofit podcast that showcases top entrepreneurs, change-makers, educators, thinkers and social innovators to share success stories. In summary, everything they discuss is through a lens of creating long-lasting positive societal impact and environmental change. Listen to this top nonprofit podcast if you’re serious about maximising your social impact.

Where: Apple Podcasts

8. The Small Nonprofit

This top-rated nonprofit podcast from CharityVillage and The Good Partnership provides bite-sized, practical episodes perfect for the morning commute or dog walking. So listen now to discover actionable expert guidance on how to run a small nonprofit. They’ve got you covered, from leadership to law to fundraising and finance advice. Ultimately, you’ll be sure to find something useful!

Where: The Good Partnership Website, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Audible, Spotify

9. The Nonprofit Podcast (Powered by Donorbox)

Every Thursday, The Nonprofit Podcast by Donorbox offers tools, tips, and tactics to help take nonprofits at all stages to the next level.

Hosted by Fundraising Coach Cara Augspurger, PMP, CFRE, and co-hosts Jena Lynch and Kara Schmid, this bite-sized show packed with immediately implementable ideas and interventions will help level up your organization’s fundraising game in no time.

Discover interviews with innovative thought-leaders, influencers, and the hardworking people who shape the nonprofit sector, in addition to strategic shortcuts that mean no one has to “do it alone.”

Where: Apple PodcastsSpotifyBuzzsproutAmazon Music

10. Nonstop Nonprofit

Lastly, the Nonstop Nonprofit Podcast is a top podcast for leaders and employees who enjoy learning with a sprinkle of ideas, humour and support. So listen now to delve into big topics like social fundraising, nonprofit hiring practices, fundraising strategies, donor programs, and more!

Where: Nonstop Nonprofit Podcast | Funraise, Apple Podcasts, Spotify

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