I’m really excited to announce, we have a new course out on how to run effective meetings. Inside the course there’s a powerful lesson, on a bit of a touchy subject – how to handle conflict of interest.

It happens from time to time, more often than it should at not-for-profit organizations. So, in the course, I’m going to share with you four tips on handling conflict of interest.

I call it the four R’s of Handling Conflict of Interest.

I’m want to share with you one quick tip. The first R of my 4 Rs of handling conflict of interest: Reveal.

You have to reveal that you are in or could be in a potential conflict of interest. If a reasonable person might assume that you could potentially be in a conflict of interest then you have to reveal that fact.

For example, if you work at a hotel and you sit on the Board of Directors and the Board is discussing where the AGM should be held and you put up your hand and say: “Hey, I have a hotel, maybe we can give you a good deal. In fact, we’ll give me the best deal out of all the properties out there” And guess what? You are in a conflict of interest, real or perceived but in this case, it’s pretty darn real.

Because your personal interests take precedent over those of the association. You have something to gain here so the first thing you have to do is to reveal. That’s the first R of handling conflict of interest.

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About Tom (TJ) Abbott

Tom (TJ) Abbott, CSP is the Managing Director of AMC NPO Solutions and an authority on Governance. He has over 25 years experience as CEO, President and board director of several not-for-profit organizations. Tom has also spoken in over 20 countries.