The Board Chair plays a very important role at meetings, here’s everything the Chair is responsible for.

  • Prepare The Agenda
  • Confirm That The Meeting Is Properly Called And Constituted
  • Call The Meeting To Order
  • Call For Approval Of The Agenda And Any Changes
  • Conduct The meeting According To The Agenda
  • Preserve Order At The Meeting
  • Decide On Points Of Order And Procedural Issues
  • Decide Who Properly Has The Right To Speak
  • Put motions To The Vote
  • Declare The Results Of The Vote
  • Set the Time And Location Of The Next Meeting
Role of the board chair at meeting cheat sheet

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Tom (TJ) Abbott, CSP is the Managing Director of AMC NPO Solutions and an authority on Governance. He has over 25 years experience as CEO, President and board director of several not-for-profit organizations. Tom has also spoken in over 20 countries.


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